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Dear All,

I am happy to meet you all in this New Year of 2018 and wish you all Happiness and Prosperity during 2018.
One More edition of Yuva Vani will be in your hands very soon.

“REDEEM” is the theme of this year’s YuvaVani. You will find interesting reading materials by our students and teachers.
Today the horizon of educational activities has considerably widened and to accommodate all activities in the perfect manner, the Management together with the Principal and Staff of VaniVidyalaya and students have worked well with full of spirit, enthusiasm and cooperation for the betterment of our Institution.

Good quality Education will always assist development of required capacity knowledge and learning into new areas through a mixture of vigour, diverse challenge and diverse tasks.

We are proud to say that our Vanians are shining well not only in different parts of the country, but also, in different parts of the Globe.

YuvaVani gives the students enough opportunities to unfold their talents in the best possible way. It is the reflection of their creativity and imagination.

I also take this opportunity through YuvaVani to appeal all our Parents and Well Wishers to come forward with generous financial assistance in re-building our Institution which is estimated at a cost of Rs.33 Crores and you will find this institution soon with all facilities to the future generation with a full-fledged Degree College.
With our Best Wishes,

Shri. C. V Srinivasan, Hon. President

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